How to install the wall switch safety

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 Wall socket and wall switch Every family is in use, in order to ensure the safe use of the family, at the time of installation, some precautions and details must be strictly enforced.

1. Wall socket installation should meet the following requirements:
(3) workshop and test (real) laboratory socket installation height of the ground is not less than 0.3m, special places concealed socket is not less than 0.15m, the same indoor socket installation height consistent.
(1) When a safety type wall outlet is not used, the height of children's playgrounds for nursery, kindergarten and elementary school should be greater than 1.8m.
(2) concealed wall socket panel close to the wall, surrounded by seamless, strong installation, the surface smooth and clean, no fragmentation, scratches.
(4) ground panel and the ground flush or close to the ground, the cover fixed firmly, sealed well.
2. Wall switch installation should meet the following requirements:
(4) bathroom switch, there are two options
The first is: outside the wall switch plus a waterproof box, but will protrude 20CM-30CM, but not beautiful;
The second is: rubber waterproof switch general switch, the product surface with rubber, can prevent water into a good choice is a good, more safe electricity.