How to Decorate Your Bedroom?

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Interested in decorating your bedroom? Good! There are more options today for furniture, bedding, organizers and accents than even a billionaire could install in one lifetime. Oh, happy day! Bedroom furniture sets can readily be found in American Colonial, Swedish Modern, High Tech, Romantic and a hundred other styles. Four posters are ever popular. Canopies are coming back. Brass headboards are all the rage. Any style imaginable is just a few clicks away. Oak is still popular, of course. But Cherry, Teak and a half-dozen other woods are hanging right in there. Precision manufactured or hand made, finished or unfinished, they're all just perfect for someone. Fittings and frames are more secure than ever. Gone are the days of split, press board bed frame parts.

Bedding has gone to an even wider selection.

Bedspreads and comforters are now available in as many colors as your computer screen can display. Vivid scarlet or subtle sea green are two low key choices. Dazzling arrays of geometrical designs are another option. A soothing forest scene for you or a Biff! Bam! Pow! comic book set for the kids are only two of the hundreds of possibilities. An equally impressive variety of materials can be easily found today, as well. Egyptian cotton is a long-standing favorite. But modern synthetics are outstanding, too. Dacron or polyester was once the low-cost choice, coming in limited styles. Today, even the finest bedding sets may be made of a blend of synthetic fibers.

Sheets and bedspreads are not only more stylish and comfortable, they're safer. Coated with compounds to keep them allergen-free, they offer a better night's sleep for the millions who are sensitive. They last longer while remaining ultra comfortable, thanks to contemporary chemistry. Fire-resistance has gone to the ultimate lengths. Bio-resistant, wear-protestant and almost completely fire safe. What more could you ask to add safety to a practical, stylish choice?

Those same features are found in mattresses today, as well. Inner coil mattresses are still the most popular option. But memory foam provides an excellent alternative. Whichever you prefer, you'll find a range of prices, sizes and comfort levels to suit any space and taste. With only a little research, you'll easily find a comfortable, long-lasting mattress to accommodate the most demanding needs.

Don't forget about those bedroom accents, either. Rugs in every conceivable style are just a few clicks away. Shelves, wall hangings, lighting fixtures and more provide even the most crazed shopper with a lifetime of choices. Even fireplaces in the bedroom are available in a range of sizes. What's old is new again. Closet organizers are a near-must these days. With more shoes, suits, shirts and more an organizer helps you keep it all, well, organized. Wire shelf dividers, shoe organizers, tie and belt racks, garment bags and a whole lot more are modular, stylish and come in dozens of designs.

It's a clinch? to point out that we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom. Add reading, lounging and other activities to the list, and the number is actually often much higher. Make that special room of the house a place of style and comfort. Now if you could only add hours to the day to look through all the choices!